Welcome to the official website of the online journal of the Centre for Victorian Studies,  Jadavpur University.

The Confidential Clerk will be published once a year, starting from January 2015. The first issue will be based entirely on academic articles in Victorian Studies contributed by postgraduate students enrolled in M.A./M.Phil/PhD programs at the University. We hope to send out an open call for papers for teachers and postgraduate students of other colleges and universities in the next issue of the journal and work towards making The Confidential Clerk a national site for publishing new research articles in Victorian and Late Nineteenth Century Studies.

Meanwhile, the “Scribbles” section of the Centre’s website will function as a forum for discussion on working papers where all researchers in Victorian and Late Nineteenth Century Studies from Jadavpur and other universities and colleges can post their articles and abstracts of work-in-progress for comments and feedback from their colleagues working in the same area.

Keep watching this space for more updates soon!

The Confidential Clerk staff


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